Production Life

Production Life

I have been pretty busy being back here in Pittsburgh. The winter was cold, snowy, and harsh. I don’t know if I would have been able to get around without my Jeep. There was a whole lot of driving this winter. But as spring starts up so do all the new film projects. We have a new Film Production Company in Francart & Francart. Pat Francart and Justin Francart are two cousins who have more respect for the art of films than most industry professionals. Check out the Web Site at

I have been working lately on a project called the Chair. It is about two new directors making 2 different movies using the same script. Check out the web site at

Over the winter as well we shot a Music Video for Justin Mise. It will be released in a couple of months but check out Justin Mise for yourself.

I will end this post with a short film that we are currently raising money for. It is called “Regular Paintings” and will be shooting this summer. Enjoy this little video blog about it.

Regular Paintings Video Blog